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What’s the future of modified atmosphere packaging technology (MAP)?
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What’s the future of modified atmosphere packaging technology (MAP)? 

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology offers the possibility to reduce the respiration rate and extend the shelf life of fresh produce, and is increasingly used globally as value adding in the fresh and fresh-cut food industry.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is the removal and/or replacement of the atmosphere surrounding the product before sealing in vapor-barrier materials.

because the vacuum packaging technology is not suitable for the fresh vegetables and meats, only suitable for the curing food or similar, In order to meet market needs, extended shelf-life of fresh vegetables, red meats, sea foods etc, the scientist proposed the Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology which replacement the air which contact with fresh foods and instead the suitable mixed gases(N2, CO2,O2), to make a suitable atmosphere which to be good for food keeping fresh, taste, display etc. 

Advances in plastic materials and equipment have propelled advances in MAP, Current MAP options of air-permeable overwrapped trays in master packs, low O2 formats of shrunk film vacuum packaging (VP) or MAP with carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) and their peelable barrier film derivatives, and high O2 MAP each have advantages and disadvantages.

so choose the suitable vacuum packaging machine or Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) base on different foods still is best way in short future.

Neopack offering the vacuum packing machine which use for curing foods, sea foods etc. and also offering the Modified atmosphere packaging machine (MAP Machine) for the fresh vegetables, fresh meats and other food which need to extend the shelf life but can't use vacuum packaging technology.

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